Radio Pulse-Your Heart Affair

Enjoy great music enjoyment
Every weekday from the eighth to ninth evening prepares for you the songs of my life moderator Martin basket. This pleasant show is full of sweet and memorable hits that mean in your life really many and you like to remember them. Radio Pulse is here for your wishes!
Radio Impuls-a lot of music and competitions
This show, the songs of my life is a great response from the all-day stress that has been piled up on you! If you want to react wonderfully and remind yourself of the happy moments of your life, call us and let's play your favorite song! The Impuls radio will allow you to!
Hello, it's Impuls's!
Hey, this is impuls, it's a fun competition, though sometimes it sucks! Register for the competition which is operated by Impuls Radio with great popularity! Then just wait for the moderators of the morning Show to dial you and you'll say the slogan! Don't miss the win in the form of tempicing money!

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