The natural effects of rare herbs are a fully viable alternative to medicine

Klimakterium is an inevitable life period of every woman. Menopause occurs at the age of about forty to fifty years, and a woman at this hormonal transgnesits fertility. Jelikožhormony can cause a lot of trouble in the body, it is dobrése for this period to prepare.

Klimakteriumany woman will intervene differently. Someone does not feel menopause or experience any different manifestations of health or psychological distress. In order to facilitate the transition from the fertile period, we have developed a special product for you.

Menox 45

Klimakterium, its course and unpleasant symptoms will help you to reliably overcome Menox 45. It is a preparation for postmenopausal, made from cleannatural ingredients. It contains four basic naturalcomponents, of which the most fundamental role for this problem is a highly concentrated extract of the roots of Peruvian (Lepidium meyenii), known as "Maca Mountain".

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