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Strategies you can Employ For Monitoring Internet activities Among the Youth.

The amount of time spent by the youthful population behind screens a situation aggravated by internet connection platforms such as social media and virtual online gaming. Long periods of time behind the screen has seen a great percentage of young people suffer from physical, mental and emotional disorders such as obesity, anxiety, depression and also led to a drastic drop in academic performance. Here are some strategies you can employ if you are looking to monitor your children’s internet usage activities.
One of the best ways you can keep internet use in your house monitored is by making it a privilege. Internet connection is readily available to the youthful population through their parents and they view it as a need and for this reason they don’t have an idea of the negative impacts it has on them. It would be wise if you made the kids understand that access to internet connection is not guaranteed. This is the best way to counteract the addictive gratification your child gets from the internet subtly. This measure will also see your children spend more of their time on constructive tasks.
Being an example to your kids is also another strategy you can employ in monitoring the internet use at home. Kids learn by example and it would be hard to get them off their mobile phones while you are on yours. It is important that you teach your kids how to use books for research rather than internet and also avoid using your mobile phone when you are driving.
Setting rules is also another strategy you can use in regulating the use of mobile phones and the internet in your house. It is important that you make sure that all the rules are well understood by everyone and that they know the consequences they are likely to face if they fail to comply with what the rules stipulate. For instance it would be a wise move to switch off the internet router when everyone is expected to be asleep. If you want to deter your kids from adult content sites, you can have their access blocked in advance.
Encouraging your kids to spend time on outdoor activities is also a good strategy you can employ. Some of the activities you can encourage them to participate in include nature walks, a walk in the park, playing in your yard or riding their bicycles around your residential area. Making meal time sacred is also a great way of keeping everyone off their phones. During the meal times, you request everyone to place their phones on silent mode and place them on a basket which is later kept away until the meal is over. This gives everyone plenty of interactive time and offers in-depth personal conversations.

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